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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


This evening Buttercup got ahead of me headed for the companionway and put her front paws on the first step. I was rather skeptical that she would really go down them, but she was clearly contemplating it and her tail was wagging--a far cry from the shivering and whimpering of the first few days aboard. I waited a bit and encouraged her, but it looked like we'd still need our sail bag moon bounce improvised solution. I went below and she continued to look interested in trying to get to the next step down. I ended up draping a towel over the bottom three stairs for a more comfortable texture for her. She kept wanting to put her paw out farther than the step extended but finally got to that second step and then I think she just jumped past the bottom two. Granted, she careened quite a bit down the cabin sole, but she did it! Lots of praise and a few treats for my girl who is gradually getting her sea legs.

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