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Saturday, October 27, 2012

splicing eyes in my fancy new docklines (with photos)

With a hurricane bearing down and expecting panic to ensue, I was convinced to purchase a new set of docklines yesterday. Rather than paying extra to have them cut and eyes spliced into them, I got to learn how to do it myself. Having little to no artistic skill, I was worried about getting the braiding right, but with instruction--and a healthy dose of ribbing over my mistakes--from a floppy-haired sailor guy, I learned how to do it and I did at least one by myself. Tomorrow I'll need to get the new lines on and likely use the old ones as a second set for the storm. I also practiced lots of cleat hitches so I won't be so flustered adjusting lines during the storm and also learned how to tie a bowline knot (for those with a technical bent: the bunny goes down the hole, around the tree, and back out the hole). (Thanks for all your help Russell, it's been priceless.)

Now I will try to get a good night's sleep before final preparations and the storm.

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