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Thursday, October 25, 2012

ok, it's safe to look now

Sparkly clean and ready for beer! Oh--the fridge I mean...I'm ready for beer but definitely still need a shower.

Cleaning the fridge was hands down the most disgusting thing I've had to do so far--in life, not just the boat--and that includes cleaning up after a puppy with worms. I had used an old knife as a dipstick to determine how deep the water was; measured three inches. Unfortunately, because the water was like black coffee, I didn't realize there was a shelf. Six inches. Three full bucketfuls of liquid mold. And of course I have a Shop Vac "Micro" so if I even turned it on for 10 seconds, the reservoir would start overflowing. So, I put an old t-shirt behind the Shop Vac to catch any overflow spray and every 7 seconds I would stop and dump the reservoir into a bucket. Thank god I had a good, thick mask on (rated for mold) and heavy duty rubber gloves. Once it was vacuumed out, I removed the two wood shelves, hosed them down on the dock, and scrubbed them several times with bleach solution. I will let them dry completely before they go back in. I still had to tackle the filth remaining in the fridge and freezer plate, so I sacrificed a roll of paper towels and a healthy amount of ultra-chemical Scrubbing Bubbles. The freezer plate needed more than that, so once the main ick was off, I scoured it with a paste of Comet and a Brillo pad. I'll let it air dry for a couple hours before I crank it up.

There's still no where to sit inside the boat, and lots of cleaning, organizing, and repairs ahead, but I am relieved not to have this little project hanging over my head anymore.

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  1. Congrats on getting through the worst! You have a clean fridge and an empty holding tank. As I have always said, happiness is a warm heart and an empty "head."


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