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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I finally managed to move enough stuff around within the boat to clear the counter area where the fridge is located. It is a top-loading fridge and while it does work, the previous occupant left it with food inside molding and three inches of disgusting black water in the bottom. The drain hose is plugged (not clogged) and I was advised not to remove the plug and let all that filth into my bilge. So I will have to wet-vac it out little by little. I get a little pukey just thinking about it. Removing the moldy ice cream and whatever was in a tupperware was bad enough. But I cannot continue to live with this icky hazmat situation growing there and having to buy ice for a cooler on deck.

A before picture is at the bottom of the page, so if you're eating or just have a weak stomach, be sure to stop scrolling after the next paragraph.

In other developments, the dog has been driving me nuts--she always has to be standing precisely where I don't want her and has twice in three days gotten into the corn-based cat litter (requiring frequent urgent trips ashore). She balks getting in and out of the cabin, but stands (for 30 minutes sometimes) smack in the middle of the hatch blocking my way. Right now I'm rather sick of being a pet parent. She's sulking and finally out of my way, so she apparently figured out how pissed off I was.  OK, here comes the photo of the icky fridge...

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