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Sunday, October 7, 2012

poco a poco

Little by little, I think we will get settled in.

The stairs into the cabin remain a serious challenge for the pup dog. Friends got her below last night. I managed to lift her and give her a push up the stairs this morning. When steak chunks were not enough to tempt her down the stairs tonight I created a makeshift moon bounce down the stairs with my sail bags and then lifted her onto the first step to get her going.

A week at the marina and already a few days ago I began planning to find a new location. I love being walking distance to so much, so I hope to find something else nearby. Although I want to be in a marina with some other liveaboards for help and a sense of community, I dislike being docked right next to the other liveaboards. Coming from a house with a yard and no abutting neighbors, I would prefer not to feel so much that I have to be quiet and tiptoe aboard coming home late. Fences make good neighbors, and a couple of non-liveaboard boats between the liveaboards likely would serve a similar purpose. My major qualm is not being allowed to let the dog piddle on the grass. In the cold, rain, and snow, (or just any time really), it is very inconvenient to have to walk an extra block to get the dog someplace to relieve herself. And when she's got to go, she's got to go. It's not easy to keep her from using the first patch of grass she finds. For me that really is a deal-breaker in a marina; if it weren't there's a spot full of rules and regulations where my dockage would be half what I'm paying.

The list of projects is long and I am trying not to get overwhelmed. Feeling a small sense of accomplishment that I pulled the icky carpet out this evening, bagged it up, and put it out with the trash. The wood interior will be incredibly beautiful with a bit of cleaning and care. Tomorrow I will tackle removing cushion covers and evaluating whether cushions can be saved (one had to go today). The initial cleaning battles are mold and smells. Definitely must flush the water tank several times as the water has a color reminiscent of Mountain Dew; yikes!

Still, she is mine and I know that with some love and elbow grease she will be a fine boat and a fine home.

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