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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

forty hours later... going ashore

Forty hours aboard without leaving the boat. Tide back to normal this morning and able to have Buttercup go ashore. She finally broke down yesterday afternoon and piddled on the side deck, but she wouldn't use the piddle pad I put down in the head or just "go" on the foredeck, despite my pleading. She was one happy puppy to have a nice long walk this morning! Training her to go on the deck will be a challenge, but with winter storms (and hopefully someday cruising) in the future, she'll really need to get comfortable with it.

Here's a photo of the crew snuggling yesterday. Clockwise from the top: Buttercup, Hunter, and Maximus. Perhaps they were just oblivious, but I'd like to think they are all very brave. None of them got the least bit upset about the storm

The boat appears to have weathered the storm well. Naturally, there are leaks everywhere from the boat not being maintained in recent years so I will have a lot of work to do to track down the sources of leaks and make repairs.

Walking through Eastport with the dog, we did not see much damage; mostly leaves and tree limbs being set out for pick up. Was relieved to see my car looking OK, no trees having come down on it. Here's a photo of the calm after the storm at a pocket park at the end of Horn Point.

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