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Monday, October 1, 2012

maiden voyage

Completed the maiden voyage yesterday and the boat is now in her slip at our new marina. A friend generously gave up a long 12 hour day to help me bring her across the bay.

The journey began with a rather nerve-wracking bridge clearance; the drawbridge was raised and waiting for us, but as we came within a few feet of the fixed bridge it seemed we would not clear it and abruptly turned about. These are the times you want to know the height of your mast off the top of your head! In the end we cleared it with a few feet to spare.

The weather was beautiful for a day on the water and some John Brown's Body jamming in the background provided the perfect soundtrack. 

Should have finished moving out of the house yesterday but all the loose stuff and kitchen remain to be moved out. It will be a long, busy day but tonight will be our first night aboard.

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