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Friday, August 31, 2012

nailing down the details

Heading over to the boat today to hammer out the details with the seller.  They'll be rehabbing and customizing various things, so need to sit down and figure out what special shelving they can create to make galley storage and clothing storage workable, figure out the time-table for all the work and closing, et cetera.

Since I'll be re-naming the boat, and doing it improperly angers the gods of the wind and sea, I'll have to figure out when we can hold the de-naming ceremony--which requires removing all references to the old name--on the transom, in ship's logs, et cetera.  Once she's been de-named, we can have a re-naming fest! Until then, the new name is tight under wraps so as not to jinx things.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

note to self

Remember that you really can do this, despite the naysayers.  Getting rid of excess stuff will be liberating.  Small space will be efficient and less duplication.  Morning coffee on the aft deck will be wonderful.

Monday, August 20, 2012

closing in

Well, lesson learned: do not actually believe that a boat has the equipment listed in the ad/listing.  But at least I had a scenic drive.  Now need to call back to get a revised insurance quote on the likely boat and at a higher liability coverage ($500K) required by the likely marina.  Good news: Comcast can add premium channels, etc onto the basic cable package that comes included with the slip at the likely marina, and I actually had a very positive customer service experience with Comcast.  Also found out that a marina that said I could not add premium channels was wrong (wonder how many potential slipholders they've lost with the incorrect information) and that one of the marinas I had been considering is not wired for cable at all...guess that helps scratch them off the list.

Friday, August 17, 2012

decisions, decisions

So many moving parts... which boat, which marina, which gym to join, where to rent an office for work and furniture... Feeling very close on one boat, but don't want to regret not looking at others that piqued my interest.  So, making a bit of a trip tomorrow to see another one... and with an oven even! Fingers crossed... please let the boating gods shine down on me to find a safe, sound, comfortable home I can afford.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

and the search begins in earnest

The world is not enough; but can 28 feet be enough? A couple of weeks ago I began a serious search online for a boat to live aboard. Scanning hundreds of listings on Yacht World, Boat Trader, and Craigslist. Shoestring budget. A dizzying array of boats, and many in my price-range far from looking spiffy.

Yesterday the search began in earnest as I actually went and looked at two boats, a 31' Silverton and a 28' Bayliner, both cabin cruisers. Although I might consider a sailboat, and the fuel savings of sail is obvious, my "vision" of boating and living aboard always seems to include an aft deck, thus I am primarily looking at power boats.

If I had a larger budget the process would be much simpler. More choices of boats. Less price sensitivity to marina dockage fees. But, alas, the shoestring budget "is what it is" and constrains my options. If I can find a suitable seaworthy vessel and dockage within my budget, I can do anything. It has become an interesting challenge. I think I need to go to IKEA and observe with great care the "tiny space" demo apartments they have set up and get the ideas percolating.

And there is no shortage of doubters. Virtually everyone seems to relish in telling potential liveaboards how impossible and inconvenient the lifestyle will be. Gratefully, Annapolis has many liveaboards, even year-round, so I can reach out for a little positive encouragement during this process. I must remind myself how nice it is to be rocked to sleep by the sea.