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Friday, October 19, 2012

sprucing her up

The water is off on my pier until tomorrow, (due to the marina hitting the water line when working on the electrical panel), so I was not able to get to washing the decks; however, lots of other cleaning up topsides and she already looks so much better! I was convinced to cut away the lifeline netting, which was gray at best and green often. Pulled off the coco fiber door mats the dog has been using for traction and replaced with strategically located Dri-Deck snap-together tiles (love!), hung excess line neatly from railings rather than having it bunched up on deck to mildew and collect leaves. Could certainly not have done it--or take the boat across the creek to get pumped out--without help from a new liveaboard friend, so very, very grateful for that. Next up: wash the decks and tackle the insanity below.

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