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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

riding out the storm

Here she is Monday early afternoon, prepped for the storm. Bimini and dodger off, lines doubled up. I am pretty good at rolling with hurricane prep and stressful situations in general, but a few hours before getting her in this condition on Sunday I reached some tipping point between storm stress, 12 hours of throbbing pain from cracking my elbow into a wall, and pup dog making me nuts. I had my new dock lines, but when asked whether I had put them on I melted down that I don't know how to do the lines right by myself. Was told that of course I know how to do them and to have more confidence in myself. Probably true. But feel much better to have someone experienced do the lines and show me how and why to adjust them. But also glad to have been kicked in the butt a bit to have faith in myself.

Went out a few times to adjust lines (and cover the air conditioner with a tarp, which stopped the raining in the cabin below). Wish I had invested in a good set of foul weather gear. Even a few minutes on deck soaked me through. Hopelessly wet clothes are piled in the sink; things with potential to dry are hung in front of the space heater. Definitely need to have your wits about you heading into those winds on a slippery deck to try to pull lines in. I was desperately trying to get the boat away from the finger pier I use for boarding, but the wind was relentless and I would only get a few seconds when the line would slack and I could try to pull in as much as possible. A cold, wet, painful, frustrating half hour or so on deck trying to get the adjustments made, but I think I managed to do it.

All day I've been receiving messages encouraging (or pleading for) me to ride out the storm ashore. Only the boaters seemed to really understand that is not such a simple option. This is my home. If she sinks, I don't have someplace else to go. She is safest if I am with her to adjust lines as conditions warrant, to keep her off the docks, to keep her away from other boats. And my crew is aboard; they seem pretty confident in their captain, as they've been snoozing through the entire storm.

It's half past midnight Tuesday morning now. The eye passed north of us about eleven, so now we have to weather the back half of the storm. I've been told it might be quiet a bit and to try to nap an hour or two if I can.

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