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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Yesterday the pets seem to have attempted a mutiny. I took five minutes to go to the facilities ashore only to get a call from the local pub that pup dog had shown up there. She jumped right off the boat, strolled down the dock, and headed for a beer and fries at Davis' Pub. Trouble-puppy got a talking to! Not long after, Maximus twice hopped off the boat and ran down the dock toward the water (thankfully not ashore). He just wants to explore everything, but does not understand the dangers afoot in a marina or the outside world.

A pleasant surprise was setting up the makeshift sailbag moon bounce to get pup dog into the boat last night and having her run right down it on her own!


  1. I think you're pup is a booze hound! ;)

  2. Apparently she is; she ran away to Davis' again yesterday when I was in the shower!


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