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Friday, October 12, 2012

charging the batteries

Still need to re-charge my batteries, but at least now the boat's batteries are charging. Turns out the battery charger had been hooked up incorrectly, so while I felt it humming and getting warm the batteries continued to drain. Now the charger is correctly wired and the batteries are fully charged--an important development so I can run my 12V fridge!

Still many projects, some of which must be completed quickly for insurance purposes. Replacing various seacocks, and the expense of a haul out to do it, is the most financially daunting fix I currently face. Hoping to get the propane re-routed soon so I can actually use the stove and oven.  Finally found the coaxial cable for TV in the salon, but it is not at a location where I can fit my TV. Most of the projects are not too big in themselves, but when facing them all at once and trying to determine where to begin, the looming tasks become daunting. Was going to tackle washing the decks yesterday but my neighbor implored me to put it off so the spray wouldn't ruin the final stages of his varnish job, so inside I headed to battle mold and smells. Hoping by month-end I can have her cleaned up enough for a little boatwarming and renaming party.

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