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Sunday, January 6, 2013

cayo hueso

Finished my 200-mile relay race from Miami to Key West yesterday. I had three segments, 4.5 miles through the worst neighborhood of otherwise beautiful Coconut Grove, 4.7 miles (acutally 5.2 per GPS) in the dark through the Everglades on a narrow dirt road with gator-infested canals on either side, and 9.1 miles in the Keys, including the 7 Mile Bridge. Expected that each leg would be slower than the last as sleep deprivation took its toll. Surprisingly enough, however, I ran each leg faster than the last. The total mileage for me was less than a marathon, but the race was more challenging than I had given it credit for...mostly owing to the lack of sleep doing an overnight race and the lack of "real" or "good" food, due to the logistical demands of leap-frogging your runners along the course to make the different relay exchange points. Although the race is far too much "hooplah" for me and I think it would be much better to have a single van ultra team, it was an interesting experience and I had a van full of great folks. Now I am trying to relax a bit in Key West. Trying to minimize spending since the money is running out and the boat needs every buck I've got. But hoping to at least make it out for a good half-day snorkel trip to Looe Key tomorrow and I'll probably buy a couple touristy Key West shot glasses since you can never have too many shot glasses on the boat.

Here's the newest addition to the fleet...a hard sailing dinghy. It was delivered during my trip, so I can't wait to see it in person!

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