the adventures of a girl, her dog, and two cats.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

taking it day by day

I love this quiet, serene view at my marina.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes be a loud, boisterous place strewn with empty beer cans and trash now that the boating season has arrived. If dinking around with the dog weren't such a hassle and I could live off solar power, I think I'd rather live on the hook than in a marina. Well, if I didn't need to leave the boat often and had a very squishy schedule. Having tight schedules and living on the hook might get to be rather frustrating.

I think my priorities for my next marina will be (1) a deep enough slip that I'm never aground, (2) privacy / quieter dockmates, and (3) laundry on site. Lacking those things right now is a real drag. Note the low tides that continue although it's spring.

At the bottom left of the photograph is the toe rail around my deck. Although the top of the toe rail gives me a few more inches, it can be very slippery to step there rather than the deck. I share the narrow finger pier with the boat you see in the background. When the tide is low like this I have to climb onto the finger pier on my hands and knees, basically hugging the pier to pull myself up. Then I steady myself on the white pedestal, (the shore power and cable connection), to stand up, turn around, and walk down the pier to shore.

But the current spot does provide a somewhat safe environment for the pets to wander off the boat under supervision; I know they will all miss that in a more commercial location. Max enjoys rolling around in the sun on the warm shuffle board court. Nonetheless, I would definitely move if I weren't in an annual contract right now.

Buttercup loves to swim and fetch large pieces of driftwood at the pocket park beach at the tip of Horn Point.