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Monday, April 1, 2013

freeze and thaw

Last Monday.


The cats are enjoying sunning on the deck, nibbling grass, and bird-watching. They seem to like the dog ramp for easy boarding and soaking up the rays.

Spring seems to be taking the old "in like a lion, out like a lamb" approach this year. Little hiccups of winter, then a couple of days teasing us that sun and warmth are arriving, then cold and dreary rain. Perhaps I am following the same pattern. A winter hibernation, keeping my heart frozen and protected so that it could heal. Grateful that the tides are coming up; I'm aground less often now, literally and figuratively.

Now the spring thaw is arriving, full of sunlight and hope. I'm unlikely to open my heart again for quite some time. But this spring will be full of renewed focus, rebirth. Taking care of myself, my pack, and my boat. These are the things that matter. Two weeks now getting in four days of running, though yesterday I had to cut my 6 to 4 due to a nagging Achilles' problem. Good to get back out running, just me and my music. My time to meditate, mull over projects and challenges, and to let my mind go.

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