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Saturday, June 29, 2013


Late night dining options in downtown Annapolis are very limited. This is a town that rolls up pretty early... although folks may stay at the bar until 2AM drinking, kitchens tend to close by 10PM (when a lot of folks are heading out to dinner in places like my former home, Miami). I am often left with either a limited menu at Davis' Pub or sushi at Sakura (I'm not a big fan of ├╝ber-hipster-infested Tsunami). On Friday and Saturday nights drunks and night owls can score pizza by the slice at Mangia, though the prices are double that of Rocco's, which is far superior. I guess we're just paying a late-night drunk tax on that pizza.

Enter Amsterdam Falafelshop, the first addition to the disaster that is Market Place (a sorry little building at the end of Ego Alley that is perennially empty or being renovated). Perhaps the Falafelshop will be a shining star for Market Place. Apparently the original shop in Adams-Morgan in DC is beloved. I am thrilled that they are open until 3AM on Friday and Saturday nights. Not long before midnight last night I made my first visit to the shop. The menu is simple: large or small falafel sandwiches, salad bowl by the pound, large or small fritten (fries), brownies, and lemonade.

Though the menu is minimalist, the toppings for your falafel are abundant.

I put garlicky parsley sauce, cucumber and red onion salad, tahini, and hummus atop the three falafel balls in my small sandwich. I also ordered a small fritten. The fries were yummy and next time I'll take advantage of the many dips for the fries (I think I'll want the Dutch Mayo).

The Falafelshop gets a thumbs up and I'm sure to be back regularly. You can find their Facebook page here. I expect my vegetarian friends will especially enjoy the entirely meat-free environment.

In other news, I walked over to Boatyard for breakfast this morning, sat at the bar, and gave the bartender detailed instructions on the preparation of my Stoli O mimosa and how important it is that they schmear my bagel. Yes, I'm pretty certain she thinks I'm a crazy bitch. But how relieved I was that my breakfast came out right. Yay!

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