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Saturday, May 25, 2013

late night sushi

Most restaurant kitchens are closed when I'm heading home and I'm generally not in the mood to begin cooking a meal nearing midnight. I'm pleased to know there is a late night sushi spot, and one without hipsters, where I can pop in for a quick bite of something less greasy and fattening than the few bar food options available. I love my avocado rolls and have a newfound fondness for red bean mochi. You are what you eat. I enjoy eating little pieces of art. I have to remember not to fall in love with a guy who doesn't want to share late night sushi with me.

When I arrived home last night the tide had fallen dramatically. I sat on the finger pier for some time before mustering the courage to jump down onto the boat. I considered going over to the club across the street to see if someone would "spot" me while I boarded--really just help me if I slipped and went in the drink. It's easy to hit your head on the dock or the boat and then drown. Although I managed to get aboard, there was no way the dog would be able to get to shore. She was a trooper and held it until this morning.  The tide was so low the dinghy was suspended mid-air by its lines. Here are photos of the dink and of the distance I had to jump down to the deck (the boat in the background is in the slip next to me; my deck is in the very low right corner of the second photo).

The tide was still extremely low this morning but I seized the opportunity before it fell further to get the dog ashore. We went for a nice long walk around Eastport and she played on the beach while I dug my toes in the sand. It was a long, scary jump down to the deck when we returned. And, yes, I walk all over Eastport in my fashionable flannel jammies, 'cause that's how I roll.

The tides won't be getting better for several days; the forecast looks like lots of NW winds blowing all the water out of the bay. We had really thought these low tide problems were behind us with winter in the rearview. On the upside, the weather will be cool for a couple of days, buying me a little time to figure out a solution to my air conditioning woes.

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