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Monday, September 3, 2012

second thoughts

Several days now having second thoughts about the boat I had been planning on. Feeling over-extended, feeling a lot of necessary creature comfort fixes would fall on me and never really get done right because I don't have the fix-it or build-it skills. I always see the project in its goal state, have the vision of what it will be. But when it comes to putting paint to canvas or needle and thread to fabric, the result is a sloppy mess. If you have the money to hire professionals to bring your vision to fruition, then all is well; I, however, am in a perpetual state of living hand to mouth with nothing to spare. 

And I certainly have the vision of my perfect boat, if there is such a thing. A nice old trawler, well-suited to economical cruising, beamy and spacious for a liveaboard, enough space and amenities for my galley to turn out delicacies.  The luxury of a stand-up shower with slatted teak.  Alas, most of these vessels are several hundred thousand dollars and far outside my reach.

In my soul-searching at the outset of this process trying to decide between power and sail, it became clear that my vision of boating always involves relaxing with a drink on the aft deck. I am also far more interested in getting where I want to go and dropping the anchor for the afternoon than in spending the entire day trying to get somewhere and turn around--I already get that type of mental, physical, and spiritual journey from running. So, deep down, I know I am a power boater. Power boats also offer far and away more living space for a liveaboard than a sailboat of the same length. Unfortunately, the number of seaworthy-looking power boats in my price range is far smaller than the number of sailboats in my price range. Sail would also offer the, however remote, possibility of someday heading south to Florida and the Caribbean. But sail means risking more interaction with the preppy-snobby sailboat-types I detest.

I am left feeling adrift. I have four weeks to vacate my house but no boat for me and the pets and no office for my belongings.  

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