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Thursday, September 20, 2012

searching for some calm in the eye of the storm

Well, the past couple of weeks have been hectic and nerve-wracking. I have ten, (yes, ten!), days to vacate my house.

Uh, to live aboard I will need a boat. Walked away from the first boat; a leap of faith that the author's advice from The Essentials of Living Aboard a Boat that "boats do grow on trees" will hold true. Have looked at hundreds of boats on Yacht World, Boat Trader, Craigslist, and Sailboat Listings. Here and there going and getting aboard for a look-see. Calling and/or emailing sellers only to rule boats out that are missing key necessities (such as galley components or running engines). Found a small power boat that is likely mechanically sound, needs a little cosmetic TLC, and is doable in my budget; however, the tight space would likely have me itching for more room to stretch my legs before long. On the other hand, I would surely spend time out on the water with her often--gas prices permitting. Keeping her in mind, and still on the hunt. Found a boat I was warned to be a "project" but the space would truly work for a liveaboard. Easy for me to board and I see the dog able to enjoy her and the deck space comfortably. Alas, the owners are going back and forth with me and another potential buyer so my patience and budget are wearing thin. I could have had a surveyor lined up for tomorrow had they accepted a deal with me three days ago. So, fingers crossed they will come to their senses and make the deal happen, but in case they do not: the boat shopping continues.

I found an office, so hooray, my furniture will not be homeless! Not in the downtown location I had hoped for, but that did pose parking hassles for clients (and myself), so everything has its pros and cons. Fortuitously, the office simplifies some of my liveaboard challenges since it is a converted apartment--I will have a walk-in closet for my clothes and my own full bath with a roman tub. And a shared kitchen and laundry in our suite. So, if I can't bake 3-layer red velvet cakes aboard, I can always bake them at the office. I'll post pix of the office set-up once I'm moved in.

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