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Monday, September 24, 2012

dear poseidon, please let us survive the survey

Wednesday is survey day! I am excited to learn about the boat, but also very nervous about getting through the survey and having an insurable vessel. Add to the mix that I have not packed one item in a house brimming with "stuff" and have to be out in six days! A variety of furniture and stuff that won't fit in the office or on the boat... Worried about whether the bottom job will be done in time to be aboard and moving the boat this coming weekend so the pets and I have somewhere to sleep. I can't run or sail the boat by myself, so fingers crossed she's ready for the weekend and my volunteer captain can help us fetch her.

Deep breath. Stay calm. The dog rolls with things; the cats pick up on any stress I'm under. I want the new experience of being boat cats and a boat dog to go as smoothly as possible. The crew needs to be happy... the last thing I need as a new liveaboard is a mutiny.

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