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Sunday, March 10, 2013

be nice to bunnies

Last year I decided to make any new purchases of beauty products be cruelty free. I looked at lists from My Beauty Bunny and the Leaping Bunny Program of beauty and household products that do not test on animals. I was surprised and extremely disappointed to learn that some of my regular brands, such as Clinique, Johnson & Johnson, and Neutrogena, are NOT cruelty free.

Virtually all make-up counters in department stores are brands owned by Estee Lauder and all of those brands have abandoned any cruelty free policies so that they can sell in China. If a brand sells in China, it tests on animals, period. China isn't content to poison our food and pets' food with melamine, not content to include lead in all kinds of products and lie about it, no, China also requires that a company torture animals if it wants to sell make up there. As if protecting human life is of any remote importance to them; what a joke.

Now let me admit at the outset that I'm not a vegetarian and I wear leather. I do believe that the majority of animal farming and execution practices are inhumane and I wish I weren't a part of that economy. I make excuses that I have food allergies and intolerances and special dietary needs due to vitamin deficiencies and being a distance runner. But there are ultramarathoners who are vegans and vegetarians. Perhaps at some point I will make the switch. But for now, I can at least refuse to participate in the entirely unnecessary and inhumane practice of testing beauty products on animals. I don't need someone smearing mascara in a bunny's eye to know that it wouldn't feel great in my eye, duh. (Girls who injure themselves applying making while operating motor vehicles are just getting what they deserve.)

This may be a small gesture, but it still reduces the evil in the world at least a smidgeon. So, here are some of my go-to cruelty free products:

From left to right, top to bottom: (1) Güd by Burt's Bees body wash (purchased at Target); (2) Yes to Carrots skin clearing lotion (I also love their pomegranate lip balm) (purchased at Target); (3) Alba 45 SPF sunblock (a little goes a long way and 45 is the minimum one should use every day--pale is beautiful and will keep you looking young!) (purchased at Target); (4) Dermalogica daily microfoliant ($50 at DermStore but Dermalogica products are amazing and this bottle lasted a year); (5) Ole Henriksen daily moisturizer (purchased at Sephora); (6) Trader Joe's mango honey shave cream; (7) Ole Henriksen eye cream (purchased at Sephora); and (8) Trader Joe's conditioner ($3).

Only three of the items above are pricier brands not available in grocery or drug stores. While there are plenty of high-end, expensive cruelty free beauty products, for a gal on a budget it's nice to find that I can get many products affordably and readily. I was thrilled to discover that all of Trader Joe's beauty, personal care, and household products are cruelty free.

If you have some fav cruelty free products or brands, share your favs in a comment on this post. Next time you're buying beauty or household products, take a second to check for a Leaping Bunny or other cruelty free logo on the packaging. It isn't that big a sacrifice in one's life to make the switch and it's always good karma points to be nice to bunnies.

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  1. I had just stocked up on my favorite "warm vanilla sugar" shower gel, lotions and fragrance when I read this post. I ran to the bathroom to check the labels. Yes, all the Bath and Body Works products said, NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS. Whew! They don't seem to have a cruelty-free corporate policy, but they list 188 products on their website that are not tested on animals.


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